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Time is Now to Prepare Diesel Fuel for Winter

by staff

As farmers across the country finish up harvest and put things away for the winter, it’s important not to forget to prepare diesel fuel for colder weather. Certain blends of diesel fuel will gum up the works of various farm machinery. Doug Yule is the Southern Regional Fuel Manager for Countryside Co-op in Wisconsin, and he said preparing diesel fuel for winter should start even before the first snowflake falls.

“That is very true. Winter is kind of a short term for it because that can start as late as late October to early November at times depending on our temps outside. The big thing is that additives and that stuff added below 14 degrees is considered a cloud effect.”

He says additives that don’t mix with diesel fuel because of colder temps are simply a waste of money for farmers…tape

““You need to start thinking about it when it is in the mid-20s. You definitely want to starting doing it before it starts hitting that 14 to 15 degrees because otherwise your additive goes nowhere. You can circulate the fuel. You can pour in first and circulate it but due to the temperature it is still not going to take and dissolve with the rest of the fuel.”

The colder weather concerns aren’t just for diesel fuel additives as they also apply to the different types of diesel fuel.