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This winter offers challenges for grain storage

This winter has set us up with some interesting challenges. It’s warm one day, sub-arctic the next, and don’t forget the snow. You might think your grain is snug as a bug in that bin. However, you may be wrong. With varying conditions, your grain could be facing some unique problems.

Audio: Interview with Dr. Charles Hurburgh about winter grain storage 

Dr. Charles Hurburgh of Iowa State University is an expert on grain quality. In the past, we have talked with him about the grain quality after the delayed and wet 2018 harvest. We also discussed vomitoxin levels in grains being fed to livestock. Today, Dr. Hurburgh says we must be careful about the quality of the grain in our bins, this winter.

Hurburgh says you should get a temperature reading of your grain and take advantage of cooler temps to get the hot spots knocked out. It is recommended that you keep corn below 40 degrees. However, if you have any heating, this is still a tip-off of a problem.

Hurburgh says if you find hot spots, you need to move quickly.

Dr. Hurburgh recommends if you have any bins which contain hot grain, get it cooled quickly. Then, make plans to get it marketed because the problem will just keep coming back.

Also, be looking for snow that may have blown into your bins, this can be a concern once the snow thaws.