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This week’s markets swerving back and forth

Photo by Ben Nuelle

Last week, the markets some decent gains. Then the rain hit the Midwest. Then we got the news a U.S. delegation was heading to China to talk trade. Then the weather forecasts became favorable. It seems like every day there is something new causing the price of corn and beans to bounce around like they are on a trampoline.

Audio: Full interview with Brian Grossman

Brian Grossman is a Market Strategist for Zaner Ag Hedge. He says a stronger dollar and weaker exports are to blame over the long haul, more so than the factors we mentioned earlier.

Many people are looking for the markets to rise based on weaker plantings for the year. Grossman says the markets aren’t going to react to weaker yields before they must. They are going to wait for this to sort itself out.

For the near term, Grossman believes we are going to see a little more negative pressure in the corn markets.

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