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Their bologna has a status, it’s S-E-I-Z-E-D!

Photo courtesy of USDA

Border inspectors are working hard to keep foreign animal diseases from entering the United States. African Swine Fever (ASF) and Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) top the list of many concerns. It is the diligence of these people and dogs that have kept these diseases from making it to our shores so far. However, every now and then someone does try to sneak one past them.

It’s something you wouldn’t think about unless you saw the report. U.S. border agents have seized 150 pounds of bologna from someone trying to smuggle it over the border from Mexico. Dr. David Pyburn is the National Pork Board’s senior vice president of science and technology. He says even though Mexico isn’t known to be a threat for these animal diseases, it is still a good practice of policy for border agents to confiscate the bologna.

Pyburn says the inspection agents are doing an excellent job, but they are short-staffed and need support to bring more teams online and improve upon their great work.

The attempted smuggler was released, but the bologna was destroyed.