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The Mosaic Company strengthens their goal of improving soil health

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Farming has been adaptive as long as people have been putting seeds into the ground. It is how we become better at what we do. If we didn’t change with the times, we wouldn’t have the production capacity that we do. As we move along in the first quarter of the 21st century, more focus is being put on the environment and soil health. Many in agriculture are trying to find ways to answer the growing demand of an increasing population while making sure that farmers are not exhausting the resources which Mother Nature provides. The Mosaic Company is one of those companies that is doing all they can to answer this call.

Audio: Full Interview with Taylor Purucker of The Mosaic Company

Taylor Purucker is a Crop Nutrition Lead for The Mosaic Company. He talks about the portfolio of products they offer to Iowa farmers to help them feed the crops they raise while doing it in a way that helps improve soil health without compromising the yields that farmers are needing to produce year in and year out.

Purucker explains what it is that sets their new Susterra™ product apart from other fertilizers. It comes down to not only the nutrients but the addition of other organic matter.

Purucker says as we look to soil health and long-term sustainability, we really have become focused on carbon and how it relates to healthy soil. He says that Susterra™ has unique features that allow producers to nourish the soil microbes and the plants at the same time while providing improved yields over what farmers are used to seeing and maintaining soil sustainability.

While farmers sometimes get shown in a bad light when it comes to environmental concerns, farmers are usually that “original conservationists.” The family farm can not go on to another generation if it is not protected and restored. The Mosaic Company’s list of products can help you do just that; keep your operation sustainable for generations to come. You can go to their website to learn more about the products and services offered by The Mosaic Company.