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The challenges of Ag banking

Just like farming Ag banking has its share of challenges of attracting the next generation into the business. But a Wisconsin banker found a way to overcome them.

Dave Coggins is an Ag banker in Wisconsin. He says his bank has had to get creative.

“We’re willing to look in non-traditional places. We’ve not just said we’ll only hire experienced bankers or people that are growing into the profession but looked at non-traditional business people in Agriculture that are relationship managers,” Coggins says.

Coggins says they have implemented an Ag banking intern program in their credit department.

“In the last three years we’ve had two to three Ag interns working for us. We’ve hired a couple of them on as permanent employees and their growing into being a junior lender and eventually having an Ag lending role in the bank,” Coggins says.

Coggins is also a member of the American Bankers Association Ag and Rural Bankers Committee.