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Tech platform collaboration to help farmers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

An agricultural technology and agricultural finance business join forces to create a technology, helping farmers make better informed decisions.

Conservis and Rabo AgriFinance announce plans to co-develop a product, which will make it easier for farms to translate agricultural data for better financial management. Both companies believe the technology will “allow crop producers to seamlessly and nearly effortlessly connect real-time field and management data with financial results.”

Pat Christie, Conservis founder and executive vice president of sales and marketing, says the collaborative effort focuses on using agricultural data to make better informed business decisions.

“We have a joint mission towards the long-term health, sustainability and legacy of the farm,” Christie said. “We’re taking our values and experience to bring these technologies together for the farmer, in a way that gives them an advantage toward credit, decision making and sustainability.”

The Conservis platform is recognized as consistent in offering real-time and shareable data. Coupled with Rabo’s financial expertise, farm managers will be able to make decisions sooner and more easily communicate with lenders and business partners throughout the year.

Shawn Smeins, Rabo AgriFinance central region general manager, says the technology puts an emphasis on efficiency. He says farmers utilizing the new mechanics will see receive great benefits.

“We view it as a big win for our clients and secondarily, it’s a win for us,” Smeins said. “It will help us with efficiency of making in-season decisions because the data will be up-to-date. We won’t have to take the farmer out of the field to ask them questions about what’s going on in their operation, if they have a capital need.”

The platform will also encompass Farm Service Agency records, particularly in regards to crop insurance. All of this information will be at the fingertips of farmers, who own and control all data.

“The farmer’s data is their data,” Pat Christie said. “There are different technology companies that want to use the farmer’s data for benefits outside the farm. We’re building a platform for the farmer to manage what’s theirs and then giving them the ability to share what they want, with whom they want.”

To learn more about the partnership, visit raboag.com or conservisag.com.