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Talking vaccinations and animal stress with Merck Animal Health

Photo from Merck Animal Health

Livestock producers are under intense scrutiny for the care they give their animals. Not only for how the animals are treated, but also for the medicines given. Animal welfare also includes the toll certain medicines can take on an animal.

Audio: Full Interview with Dr. Brent Meyer of Merck Animal Health 

Consumers want to know what is in their food, and rightfully so. There is also an increasing number of consumers who want food from animals that have never been treated with antibiotics. Now, we are not here to engage in that debate. However, treating your animal and reducing their stress is a goal all producers should strive for.

Dr. Brent Meyer is a veterinarian with Merck Animal Health. I caught up with him at the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) meetings in Ames back in June. We talked about some of the challenges which Iowa producers are facing right now.

Dr. Meyer talks about some of the options Merck Animal Health is offering for a less-stressful experience for the animal.

Dr. Meyer talks about the importance of not stressing calves out during weaning.

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