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Talking swine health with Dr. Liz Wagstrom (Conclusion)

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Today, we are concluding our multipart series with National Pork Producers Council Chief Veterinarian Dr. Liz Wagstrom. We have talked about African Swine Fever and the pace of vaccines. Today we will finish up on a few herd health topics such as Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), antibiotics, and things consumers can be assured of in the pork products they are buying.

AUDIO: Full Interview with Dr. Liz Wagstrom at World Pork Expo.

While a lot of focus for the pork industry is on African Swine Fever, the whole livestock industry is watching FMD. This disease can wreak severe havoc on pork, beef, and sheep production in this country. Dr. Liz Wagstrom talks about the coordinated efforts being carried out by all concerned.

A few years ago, the poultry industry faced down the Avian Influenza outbreak. Wagstrom says that it has been beneficial to have their experience to help other livestock industries and the USDA plan for any contingencies for outbreaks of ASF or FMD.

Wagstrom says that they will do all they can to keep consumers informed about any vaccines for these two diseases and keep the customers safe when they choose pork at the grocery store.

Wagstrom also discussed antibiotics in pork, the concerns consumers have raised, and what they can be assured of from pork producers.

To learn more about what the NPPC is doing for the swine industry, visit their website.