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Syngenta suggests finding flexibility in herbicide applications

The weather of 2018 taught us some important lessons and reinforced others. We know no two years are ever alike, but 2018 also taught us that we need to be as flexible as possible. This is especially true with your herbicide applications.

The beginning of 2019 has been a story of weather challenges. Floods, heavy snowmelt, and tornadoes in the south. Mother Nature cares not one bit for your schedule. Syngenta’s Technical Product Lead for Corn Herbicides is Gordon Vail. He suggests finding products that will give you flexibility when the weather turns the tables.

The already wet conditions in the Midwest have been exacerbated. Vail says the Midwest is likely going to be looking at some planting delays and squeezed application windows. Vail says not all herbicides are the same, including the Syngenta portfolio. Vail says you should plan to be flexible.

Vail talks about the benefits of choosing Syngenta’s Acuron and Acuron-Flexi when you need that flexibility.

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