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Syngenta offering tools to deal with corn root worm

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Corn rootworms are a devil of a problem. Better yet, corn rootworms are the devil. We have been fighting them for over a century. They are the “billion-dollar pest.” Duane Martin of Syngenta talks about their method for dealing with them.

Audio: Full Interview with Syngenta’s Duane Martin 

Martin says corn rootworm is highly adaptable to treatments, and if you are constantly using the same methods, they will get the better of you. It’s this practice which has us in a pickle right now.

Martin says Syngenta is waiting for European Union approval on Agrisure Duracade. When this approval comes, growers will have a new weapon against corn rootworms. Martin explains how it will work.

Martin reminds producers while there hasn’t been as much corn rootworm pressure as in the past, this lull won’t last forever. It is better to be prepared than try and fight a losing battle.

To learn more about Agrisure Duracade from Syngenta, visit their website.