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Syngenta fungicides helping producers finish strong

Source: Wikimedia Commons

During the Iowa Power Farming Show, Syngenta came with information about a whole-farm approach for corn and soybean production. The cherry on the top of the sundae was their fungicides designed to help you finish strong.

Syngenta is excited to bring a brand-new fungicide to the market. Its name is Miravis Neo. Syngenta’s Adrienne Drescher tells a little bit about the product.

Drescher says the SDHI (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors) is what helps their fungicides Miravis Neo and TrivaPro be so effective.

Drescher tells us about the two ways Miravis Neo works. First, it handles the immediate treatment of plant diseases. Secondly, it stores itself in the plant’s waxy layer to prevent diseases which could manifest later. This is a cost-saving measure to prevent producers from having to apply a second time.

For more information on Syngenta products, visit their website.