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Syngenta celebrates 20 years of innovation

Photo by Syngenta

Syngenta recently celebrated a major milestone.

Last week marked Syngenta’s 20th anniversary. They now have two decades under their belt of crop protection, seeds, digital and farm management innovations, according to Lynn Sandlin, business intelligence manager with Syngenta.

“Twenty years ago, Syngenta was created from two legacy companies that most of your growers would be aware of. That was Zeneca and Novartis Crop Protection,” Sandlin said. “Those two companies came together to create Syngenta 20 years ago. Since that creation, there’s been a multitude of products that have been brought into the marketplace by Syngenta. We are very proud of the crop protection products that we brought to the US farmer.”

Today, the Syngenta Crop Protection lineup includes 37 seed treatments, 34 herbicides, 44 fungicides and 21 insecticides, while Syngenta Seeds has developed unique, industry-leading traits and trait stacks to help farmers control above- and below-ground pests.

“At the end of the day, Syngenta is constantly consumed with being able to bring the best products possible to the American farmer to increase the quality of the crop, provide an ability to bring about the best return on their investment, and be able to provide that farmer with the assurance that they are using top quality products to bring about a top quality crop in the global marketplace.”

Syngenta invests more than $1.3 billion each year in research and development globally. That’s more than $3.5 million every day. To learn more visit syngenta.com.