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Syngenta acquires satellite imagery innovator

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Syngenta has acquired FarmShots, Inc., a North Carolina-based innovator of high-resolution satellite imagery detecting plant health by analyzing absorbed light from field images.

Syngenta stated in a company news release: FarmShots was developed to help farmers, agronomists and retailers quickly and accurately spot field issues caused by planter skips, emergence, insect feeding, poor plant nutrition, crop diseases, weeds, pests and environmental damage. A Syngenta spokesperson says the acquisition will help the company “further develop farm management and crop decision-making tools.”

FarmShots will integrate into Syngenta’s AgriEdge Excelsior whole-farm management system in the United States, and ultimately will be used by growers worldwide.

Cloud-based, proprietary software and interfaces developed by FarmShots create high-resolution images, which can be displayed in multiple formats to view field conditions. In January, John Deere honored FarmShots as its “Dealer’s Choice for Innovation.”