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Suderman: Supply and Demand Reality for Corn/Soy

Photo courtesy of Arlan Suderman

USDA released the October Crop Report this week and it showed a corn crop that is larger than most agricultural interests expected.  Many say USDA was unable to measure this year’s growing crop because it was far later than normal.

Audio: Profit Matters 10-11-19

We also have the issue of demand……as trade disputes have upset the export of grain and the ethanol industry is slowing its use due to loss of profitability.

Arlan Suderman, Chief Economist with INTL FC Stone analyzes the trade every day and presents his view of what’s in the field and what it may be worth when farmers choose to sell it.

We start with his concerns about the size and quality of the corn crop.

Demand is the other axis that determines price.

The full interview is under the audio tab.