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Story County farmer says his corn kernel count doesn’t look so good

by Ben Nuelle Money Matters 8-12-16

A Story County grain farmer says his corn kernel count is not as good as he likes. Mark Kenny grows corn and soybeans in Story County. Kenney says corn crop has had a great appearance all summer long.

“Nice dark green plants and we didn’t have the excessive rainfall that we typically have in our area so we have excellent crop stands but I am a little disappointed in what I am seeing for kernel count. [We have] some smaller ears than we did last year. I think some of that heat we experienced in June and again in late part of July has taken some of the top end of our crop off this year.”

He says he hasn’t seen too many diseases this growing season.

“On the pest on the corn side, we really haven’t had too much of an insect problem on the corn side or a disease problem. This has probably been one of the most disease free corn crops that we have had in a number of years. I think the elevated temperatures have helped keep some of those diseases and pests away as well.”

Kenny says he thinks we’ll have a pretty good bean crop this year.

Although, he is starting to hear some reports of Sudden Death Syndrome in some of the earlier planted soybeans.

I caught up with Kenny Thursday at the Iowa State Fair.