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Stine Seed: “Selling great genetics to farmers”

Photo courtesy of Stine Seed

An Iowa-based seed company celebrates 40 years of “selling great genetics.”

We dive into the rich history of Stine Seed Company.

Stine Seed Company has evolved immensely since its founding, now offering growers high-performance corn and proven soybean genetics. Todd Schomberg, director of agronomy with Stine Seed, speaks to his company’s deep roots. 

“The company has been breeding soybeans for 50 years. The Stine Seed part has been 40 years; 2019 marks 40 years of selling great genetics to farmers,” Schomberg said. “When I started, there were five or six regions, and we’ve grown into 24 regions and close to over 200 sales representatives that are calling on the farmers and dealers.”

The company’s slogan, “Stine Has Yield,” continues to hold true, due to a firm foundation of science, independence and choice. Schmoberg believes the varieties offered through Stine Seed, are poised to perform, despite the challenging crop season.

“Iowa looks good compared to the rest of the world. We had a sweet spot, an opportunity to get in early, planting corn and soybeans. There’s a few hiccup scenarios, but not too bad. Unfortunately the further east you get, there’s a lot of acres that aren’t planted,” Schomberg said.

Stine Seed Company looks forward to providing strong, high-yielding genetics for years to come. Schomberg adds Stine Seed will be offering growers a vast Enlist E3 soybeans portfolio ahead of the 2020 crop season.

“It’s very efficient, very safe. The E3s are awesome. You have three different resistances to herbicides – Glyphosate, Liberty and the new Enlist herbicide, which is a 2-4D choline,” Schomberg said.