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STINE is ready for the next “short” thing in corn

Dustin Hoffmann visits with Myron Stine (left) of Stine Seed. (IARN Stock Photo)

As we get ready to harvest the 2022 crop in Iowa, we know that many farmers are making plans for 2023 and locking in their inputs for the spring. If you are sitting in the combine this year, and you just aren’t impressed with what you are seeing in your cornfield, it might be time for a change.

When you live in Iowa you know you have to be good at producing corn, no matter what the condition. You must make sure that you are going to have products available from a reliable, Iowa-based company. That is why STINE Seeds is proud of the offerings they have, and are certain you will be as well when you put them on your acres.

Myron Stine is the President of STINE Seeds. He talks about their MX line. These are the newest genetics they have and it is a short-statured corn. He talks about its efficiency as the “genetics of the future.”

Stine says that while the adoption of short-statured corn is taking some time, he feels that there is evidence that more farmers are looking at making the switch each year.

Stine says the reason so many Iowa producers trust the brand is because they are staying on the cutting edge in genetics and breeding. It not only comes down to having good seed genetics, but also seeing where the changes in agriculture are going, and evolving your product to meet those needs.

To learn more about STINE Seeds and the genetics that can work in your fields, talk to your local STINE retailer or visit stineseed.com.