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Spread risk with seed varieties

Photo by Ben Nuelle

A family-owned seed company prepares their seed line-up for the 2018 growing season.

Randy Harding serves as north central Iowa district sales manager for Wyffels Hybrids. Harding talked to producers Wednesday at the Iowa Power Farming Show. He suggests growers plant a couple new varieties, as well as some more well-known seed varieties this upcoming growing season.

“W40196 has been a fantastic product, (it) did well for us in first trials this year. That’s something that’s going to be great in our whole geography,” Harding said. “We have 5516, 6896 and 6898 (Smart Stacks, 7456 and a new one, 7976 – a number that’s done well in the south, 7696 and a new one coming, 7976 which is pushing us out of our comfort zone in our maturities.”

Wyffels Hybrids will also start to offer seed packages which will offer growers advantages. Harding says these packages will allow growers to spread risk.

“It spreads out our pollination windows and harvest windows,” Harding said.”Obviously we can’t harvest everything in one day, so being able to put a package out there of 105, 108, 110 to kind of spread our risk. Having them (growers) look at different products, packages, hybrids, all the characteristics that go with them shows a real value to a grower in that respect.”