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Spiritual Sicknesses

Wednesday January 11, 2017

LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. -Psalm 30:2

Cough Syrup and Spoon


Last week I was pretty sick. After a week, I still have not received full hearing in my right ear.

I felt like for a week straight all I consumed was NyQuil, DayQuil, Musinex, Cough Medicine, Tylenol Cold, Ibuprofen, and the rest of the medicine cabinet.

I winced as I would take a swig of the liquid relief.

However, the awful tasting medicine makes us healthy.

We don’t like them. They aren’t supposed to taste good, but they accomplished their purpose.

Spiritually, many things that cure us or grow us taste awful.

Sometimes you end up wincing, and taking it because you know that it is eventually to be where you want to be.

We will end up resenting our marriages, spouses, kids, in-laws, and friends if we don’t think in a perspective that we’re all sick and we all need go get better.

We need to cure our impatience, selfishness, sense of entitlement, pride, apathy, laziness, coldness, and so many other fevers.

When God uses awful tasting lessons to treat spiritual sicknesses in our soul, we need to strive to understand, “I’m sick and I need this. I want to spit it out, but if I’m honest I know I need to deal with this issue in my life.”

Prayer: “God, help me to recognize when I am spiritually sick and in need of your medicine. Allow me to realize that sometimes you use things that are awful tasting to heal me. In your name, Amen.”

-Whitney Flach