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Tuesday October 4, 2016

Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Proverbs 21:5 (MSG)


“Do you know how fast you were going? You were going 65 in a 45.”

This is the words the police officer spoke to me, while standing outside my window on my way home one evening. Now, if you personally know me you know I don’t do things slow….ever. It’s not my pace. I like to be efficient and timely. It’s who I am. I constantly am telling my husband he should speed up. Just the other day I said to him. “Harold, it’s 65 which means you at least need to be going 75.” I laugh typing that now because I sound ridiculous, but at the time I was being completely serious. The same week of going 20 over the speed limit, I got pulled over again for not stopping long enough. Apparently, you have to wait until your grandchildren have children before you can continue on your way from a stop sign. Crazily, both those occurrences in one week resulted in only two warnings. I don’t know how I got a warning going twenty over, but I was VERY thankful that particular evening.

These are funny and good stories, probably just because I didn’t get a ticket. However, since then, I have seen moments of my life that I treat exactly the same as being behind the steering wheel. The Lord has revealed to me that this is not just a driving issue, but it  is a spiritual issue too. I spend a whole lot of time going over the limit of what I should be doing, and on top of that I don’t slow down long enough to just stop when I should.

Do you speed through life without stopping? Are you going way over your limit? Are you rushing through moments you should be enjoying? I desperately hope you aren’t like me. I hope that you are precise and take time to enjoy the speed Christ has you going at the moment.

If you can relate to me, This is your warning…..SLOW DOWN!!!! Take some time to stop, and just be with Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, I pray that you help me to slow down and just be exactly where you want me to be. Allow me to appreciate where you have me today and to see its purpose. I want to stop, take some time, and just be with you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

-Whitney Flach