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Soybean growers see checkoff dollars at work

Soybean growers across the nation see where their checkoff dollars really go.

Around 12 soybean growers toured the John Deere Tractor Cab Assembly Plant in Waterloo Wednesday.

“It’s amazing what [John Deere] does from start to finish. The painting booth was one of my favorites. Just a great experience. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and the cleanliness of the plant and the quality of work they do,” Brad Doyle of Weiner, Arkansas said.

The group has been touring the Midwest the last few days as part of the United Soybean Board’s “See for Yourself” Tour. Places they’ve visited so far include touring a riverport in St. Louis, an ethanol plant in Mexico, Missouri and the DuPont Pioneer research facilities in Johnston.

“The checkoff is sometimes misunderstood as far as where the funding goes to. In some degree, I thought all the money was going to research in my state but this has opened my eyes to more of the international markets and other products represented by U.S. soybean farmers,” Doyle said.

Today the group will visit a lock and dam system and they will end the tour Friday at the Chicago Board of Trade.