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Soy oil driving innovation in renewable fuels

Photo courtesy of the Iowa Soybean Association

The average consumer probably thinks of soybeans primarily as a protein source for animals and humans. While it is true that soybeans are predominantly used as a food source for livestock and humans, advancements in innovation and technology have allowed soybeans to provide much more for consumers than just a food source.

Soybeans are extremely versatile but innovations in research and technology have allowed for even more uses in the marketplace for products produced from soybean oil.

That’s Matt Herman, Sr. director of renewable products marketing with the Iowa Soybean Association. Herman says that most people are familiar with corn ethanol because of its widespread use in blends at the gasoline pump. However, he says that the average consumer probably has some questions about soy diesel and renewable diesel fuels produced from soybean oil.

Soybean oil was originally used to produce fuel in the form of biodiesel.

Advancements in technology have led to production of renewable diesel which which is produced in a process that is more similar to a traditional petroleum refinery.

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