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Southwest Iowa underwater a second time this spring

Photo courtesy of Mills County EMA

It’s been a devastating year for the residents of Southwest Iowa, especially along the Missouri River. Earlier this spring, they had a terrible flood event. Now, as they try to rebuild, it is happening again.

Audio: Full interview with Sheri Bowen of Mills County EMA 

Sheri Bowen is with the Mills County Emergency Management Agency. She says as life was starting to move forward from the March floods, round two came. In fact, some residents had just moved back into their homes as the second round hit.

The Army Corps of Engineers took a lot of heat for how flood control was handled during the March floods. Bowen says this time there was ample communication. She says she realizes sometimes the corps is just reacting to rapidly changing conditions as best they can.

Bowen says help is desperately needed.

Bowen says any groups or individuals looking to offer help, can reach her at (712)-527-0137