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Southwest Iowa soybean harvest is farthest behind

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: world-of-agriculture-10-26-16

Southwest Iowa continues to lag behind with soybean harvest.

Farmer Bill Shipley of Villisca hasn’t got to hear the sound of his combine like other farmers because of periodic rain.

According to the latest crop progress report, southwest Iowa still has over one-half of their soybean crop in the field.

“It’s been awful damp. We haven’t gotten huge rains but got enough rain to keep us out of the field especially on soybeans.”

State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says that area has seem some periodic rains throughout October.

“We have to go back two weeks ago, the very far southwest part of the state had some rain then. One week before that during the very early part of October there was a fairly hefty rain. An inch to an inch and a half roughly fell across the western third of Iowa.”

Shipley let me ride a long in the combine with him last Tuesday.