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South American Weather and Crop Update (7-20-2021)

Weather radar courtesy of Accuweather

Complications from this last spring’s dryness continue to delay Brazil’s corn harvest.

Allendale commodity broker Greg McBride provided an analysis of the weather conditions for Brazil. He said that the dry conditions have put harvest decently behind schedule.

“It’s pretty dry,” McBride said. “Not a lot of rain. There is some rain in the southern portion of Brazil along the coast, but nothing that’s major that will delay harvest for their corn crop. They are harvesting currently; they’re looking at about 24% complete. That compares to 41% from last year and 39% for the 5-year average, so they are still quite a bit behind. We do know, obviously, that they had some production issues because of all that dryness and heat they saw earlier this spring, so there will be a big loss in production out of Brazil. The biggest thing to remember is as they are harvesting, even with that frost that they’ve seen in some parts of the country, that’s just going to push that crop a little bit further and finish it out a little bit sooner for them. So, they should be moving right along with harvest as long as they can get out there and get to it.”

McBride also gave some advice for Iowa producers.

“Iowa producers need to be keeping an eye on the weather here at home,” McBride said. “We are seeing some heat and dryness that’s coming into the forecast. It shouldn’t be a huge issue for corn, but it could spell some issues for that soybean crop as we move into August and that key pod fill timeframe.”

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