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South American weather and crop update (6-8-2021)

Weather radar courtesy of Accuweather

South America is still dealing with extended dry weather.

In this week’s South American weather and crop update, Allendale commodity broker Greg McBride says South America is looking at a dry forecast, particularly in Argentina and Brazil.

“Well, what we’re looking at for South America in general is a dry forecast,” McBride said. “The bulk of the Brazilian crop land is dry over the next 1-5 day and 6-10 day forecasts as well as Argentina, which should allow Argentina to continue to progress on their harvest. That is not, obviously, what we want to see for Brazil with regards to their safrinha corn crop out there.”

McBride also provided a harvest progress update for Argentina.

“Harvest for soybeans is moving along,” McBride said. “It’s ahead of the 5-year average by five percent. We’re pretty much in the bin at this point at 94% completion. Still a little bit behind last year, but that’s a minor note. On the corn side of things, they’re still lagging behind, only increasing another 5% to 48%. Normally, at this time of year, they would be well over 50%, and last year at this time they were at 67%. So, a little bit of a concern there, but with those clear skies over the next 1-5 day and 6-10 day forecasts, they should be able to move right along.”

McBride added that the big thing to watch this week is the USDA and CONAB numbers for what they expect out of production for both Argentina and Brazil. The team at Allendale can be reached by calling 800-262-7538, or you can visit allendale-inc.com.