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Sound Agriculture’s SOURCE reactivates nutrient cycling

Photo by Sound Agriculture

The team at Sound Agriculture continues its mission to create on-demand crop solutions that lead to more sustainable, healthier, and tastier food.

INTERVIEW: Jeff Divan, Sound Agriculture

Sound Agriculture director of agronomy Jeff Divan – a farmer from northern Iowa – explains how their company is able to leverage the relationship between plants and the soil through their product SOURCE.

“SOURCE is a product that we offer for corn and soybeans,” said Divan. “It’s a foliar applied product. It goes in with your herbicide pass or your fungicide pass, makes its way down into the roots and excites those microbes.”

In nature, nutrients and chemicals move from the leaves of the plant to the rootzone through a process called translocation. Divan says SOURCE was designed to take advantage of this process, giving growers the ease of applying it as a foliar spray.

“We can put it on anywhere from V4 to R3,” said Divan. “We want to ride along in a free pass, so that means going in with a herbicide early or the fungicide late, seven-tenths of an ounce per acre, so a very low use-rate and compatible with all herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. It’s very easy to use.”

Divan says in-season application of SOURCE means that your plants are getting the nutrients they need when they need them the most.

“This year has been interesting (in Iowa),” said Divan. “We’ve got very dry conditions in the northern part of the state where I’m from. If you go to the southeastern part of the state, they are very wet, and everything in between has had lots of wind. Anytime we can get a more resilient crop, we can get a healthier crop and it can withstand those stresses better and get us to the finish line.”

For more information, visit Sound Agriculture’s website. Divan made his comments to the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.