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Soggy conditions between the rows

Scott Metzger, Pickaway Co.

Scott Metzger, Pickaway Co.

We are soggy, soggy, soggy — three soggies — and it’s cold. The little bit of sun has helped save what we’ve got planted.

We had a little breeze and it was 34 degrees so we missed the frost last night, which is a good thing. I was concerned about the frost because we’ve had problems with that before in the wheat.

We’re about half done with corn and about a third done on beans. Most of the corn we planted when we started on the 23rd is up and a couple inches tall. We didn’t plant anything two days prior to the four inches of rain we got. The first beans we planted are coming up. We just need some heat.  I am sure we will have to go back and spot in some in the wet holes. The corn we planted on Wednesday is starting to spike through.

Since April 1 we had 9.1 inches of rain and half of that has come here in the last couple of weeks. So far it is acting like 2011 when we had a lot of rain in April and May. Crops were good that year but they were late coming off and wet.

The ground temperatures when we were planting were really warm. It was in the low 60s in the mornings and this morning it is down to 43 degrees. When we were planting everything was in good shape and that helped. If we had planted right up until the rain I would be concerned, but we stopped planting to get caught up on spraying.

You want to have a little rain on the wheat while its flowering, but maybe not four inches. We had a plane fly our wheat insecticide and fungicide on because it has been so wet.

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