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Software provides livestock producers data for every day decisions

Photo courtesy of Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA)

The United States cattle industry remains stable, despite some unfavorable factors. One agricultural economist goes as far as, “The U.S. cattle and beef industry may be in the most stable situation that I can ever remember.” 

An Iowa-based company is helping livestock producers capture full market potential.

AUDIO: Dustin Balsley, Performance Livestock Analytics 

Performance Livestock Analytics, based in Ames, Iowa, aims to help livestock producers become more sustainable and profitable. The growing company offers a cloud-based platform, which ties in all farm financials.

Dustin Balsley, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, shares how this system is utilized on livestock operations across the United States.

“Our goal is to help producers have better insight into day-to-day operations and collect the data they need in real-time,” Balsley said. “Producers are making 20 to 30 decisions on a daily basis. We can automate that data into Performance Beef, so it’s visual for them to make decisions.”

The company’s flagship product, Performance Beef, offers data needed to make day-to-day decisions.

“Our producers are using an iPad every day to feed their cattle, so it helps them capture every pound of feed loaded and captures every pound of that feed into the pen. It helps producers organize and capture the information such as vet costs, marketing costs, so we can get real-time closeouts for producers so that they can make those decisions.”

Performance Livestock Analytics constantly seeks ways to better serve its client base. Earlier this year, Performance Livestock Analytics partnered with Elanco Animal Health, to offer joint customers data from Performance Beef and Elanco’s Benchmark service.

“We’re constantly trying to update Performance Beef to provide more value to producers and the value of the decisions they need to make, but one of the most recent things that we’ve brought to Performance Beef is an integration with the Elanco benchmark, so producers now can have a better pulse on what the industry is doing and how they’re performing and how producers are compared to the rest of the industry.”

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