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Sneak peek at 2022 planting weather

WX Map courtesy of NOAA.

As we sit around with chattering teeth and sub-zero temps, we are thinking about the warmer than normal temps we were enjoying just a few days ago. (It is interesting that we only like warmer than normal temps in winter?) A lot of farmers are wondering what the weather will hold going into 2022. Weather has been the story of the past few years. Flooding, derechos, drought, cold, and heat have been the topics we have covered in the past 36 months.

If we knew the future, it would be so much easier in making our decisions. Unfortunately, nobody has that magic crystal ball. However, one Ag meteorologist has been looking at the emerging patterns, and what he sees coming for the 2022 planting season.

Ryan Martin is a meteorologist from Indiana. He has looked at the warmer than normal temps that we started with in winter. He says that the weather patterns are anything but typical, and that makes it harder to predict going forward.

Even though we have seen winter come ripping through the thermometers in the past days, we are still on pace for a warmer than normal winter overall.

As he looks ahead to 2022, Martin says that he expects spring to pick up right where the fall left off across both ends of the cornbelt.

2021 gave us drought across the cornbelt. While autumn rains helped replenish soil and subsoil moisture levels in the Eastern Cornbelt, the West is in danger of continuing to be dry into the new year.