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Siouxland Energy hopes “Hot Idle” does not last long

Photo Courtesy of Siouxland Energy

The fight over the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and Small Refinery Exemption waivers (SRE) has hit close to home, yet again, in Iowa. Siouxland Energy in Sioux Center has started what they call a “Hot Idle”. Suspending production until the market turns around.

According to Kelly Nieuwenhuis, President of the Siouxland Energy Board, a “Hot Idle” means they are going to keep their employees on staff at full pay during this shutdown.

Nieuwenhuis says the writing was on the wall for the board to have to make this difficult decision.

Nieuwenhuis discusses what they will need to give Siouxland Energy the green light to fire the operation back up.

The shutdown of the plant has caused a trickle-down effect in the Sioux Center Ag community.

Waiting for an announcement from the Trump administration is proving to be a day-to-day proposition for the board at Siouxland Energy. Nieuwenhuis says by keeping the employees on staff, they can be assured of a quick start-up if they get the news they are waiting for.

Reports are the Trump Administration will be releasing a plan sometime this week.