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Sheep producers don’t want wool pulled over consumers eyes

Duluth Trading Company

Misinformation. It is something those of us in agriculture are dealing with far too frequently. Social media can exacerbate the spread of this problem. Whether it is malicious in nature or just an accident, it can spread rapidly. Another retailer is raising the ire of wool producers.

This latest round of seemingly anti-ag advertising is coming from Duluth Trading Company. Their advertisement claims a jacket is, “fleece-infused.” However, the advertisement then goes on to say there is, “no smelly animal fur.” Sheep and wool producer Susan Littlefield explains how this could look to the average consumer.

Littlefield explains the “smell” which is found with freshly shorn wool, is the lanolin that is used in other everyday products.

Littlefield is hopeful this was just a matter of oversight in a marketing department and not something malicious.

Some ag producers have stated on social media that they will not spend another dime with the retailer unless this is corrected.  A request for comment was not returned by Duluth Trading Company at press time.