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Sheep Industry Hopeful for Trump Administration

by Ken Root

Profit Matters 11-28-16

In Iowa, we are the top hog producing state, and in the top 10 for cattle. Sheep however, are seldom mentioned in our area of the country.

The United States does not produce as much lamb as it eats. We import from Australia, New Zealand and other areas of the world to fill our demand.

Is there an opportunity to raise sheep in Iowa and make money doing so? Burton Pflieger is President of the American Sheep Industry Association, and he says that, “Lamb markets are trending a little bit down it’s kind of that time of year. Supply and demand issue. The good news is that lamb market isn’t near trending down in severity like some of the beef markets are or some of the other commodity markets. Sheep are adding to the profitability sector to a lot of farms and ranches.”

As far as the new president elect, Pfileger says, “It has been heartwarming to hear that those issues from rural America are front and center. I think trump realizes that rural America elected him, and we are hopeful that he is going to take the issues to heart.”

Burton Pflieger Full Interview