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Senator Grassley’s optimism returns on USMCA

Last week, Senator Chuck Grassley told Ag reporters that for the first time his optimism about the passage of the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) was waning. He felt partisan politics were too heavy of an anchor. Thankfully, it seems his pessimism has not been long-lasting. The Senator, once again, feels confident the trade pact will move.

Senator Grassley told reporters that after a series of meetings with an unnamed Republican representative, he felt assured that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not stall a USMCA vote for political reasons and will bring it to the floor.

Grassley said his optimism wasn’t without a sense of nervousness, but he feels better about it than he did a week ago.

Senator Grassley says there is plenty of time in the legislative calendar to get USMCA passed. However, if the House impeaches President Trump and a trial happens in the Senate, it will be virtually impossible for the Senate to do anything else.

There have been reports the USMCA deal could be moving very soon in the House.