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Senator Grassley to submit his comments on EPA RFS rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the comment period open on its proposed supplemental rule to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). Senator Chuck Grassley says he is submitting his own comments on the rule, which is receiving much criticism from biofuels supporters. The main complaint is the proposal goes against an October 4th agreement.

Senator Grassley says he is submitting his comments because he is disappointed that the proposed supplemental rule does not restore the confidence necessary for the biofuels industry to recover from the effects of EPA’s wholesale granting of small refinery exemptions.

Grassley says he was part of a September Oval Office meeting in which the criteria for granting waivers and how to reallocate lost gallons was discussed.

Grassley says this proposal does not instill confidence in the EPA from farmers and biofuels producers. He says the EPA has a track record of following recommendations from the Department of Energy. Grassley called again for EPA to follow what was agreed to in September.

The Senator called on the President to live up to his commitment and reminded EPA they answer to the President and his promises.