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Senator Grassley talks RFS and Farm Bill

Iowa Senator Grassley Tuesday talked about a few items of importance to agriculture.  Do you have any guesses as to what those were? I bet you do.

Iowa Senator Grassley spelled out some of his takes on the current hot topics in agriculture during his weekly agriculture press conference. Senator Grassley voiced strong opinions about the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). There were meetings at the White House on Monday concerning the RFS. The course of action seems to be as clear as clam chowder. Senator Grassley says all he knows is that there is not going to be any action right now.

The Senator did not mince words when it came to his concerns regarding Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt handing out exemptions “like candy.”  He added these exemptions are not being given in the spirit intended by Congress, and they certainly shouldn’t be given to refiners who are turning a profit.

On another note, Senator Grassley is optimistic with what he has heard from Chairman Roberts (R-KS) regarding the Farm Bill.” The Farm Bill will be getting worked on here in April.