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Senator Grassley talks about reforming Presidential tariff authority

It seems like tariffs have been the most talked about subject in this administration. President Trump has been using tariffs or, at the least, the threat of tariffs to force negotiations or talks with several countries. Most recently his threat of tariffs against Mexico led to a discussion on illegal immigration. Some members of Congress have been talking about reforming some of the tariff powers the White House has.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has been among members of both parties in both houses of Congress to call for Presidential tariff power reforms. Grassley says the Congress has given the President too much legislative power.

Grassley wants it made perfectly clear that he is not talking just about President Trump. He says these powers extend to whoever sits in the Oval Office, no matter their party affiliation. He referred to the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, which grants the President the so-called, “Section 232” power to impose tariffs as a matter of National Security.

Grassley responded to the claim of Democrats saying President Trump is creating a “Constitutional crisis”.

Grassley stressed this effort must be strongly bipartisan. He says you can probably assume the President would not look favorably on this kind of legislation, so there must be overwhelming Congressional support.

There is no timetable for legislation to move through Congress.