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Senator Grassley says President must hit the mark on biofuels fix

President Trump has been taking a lot of flack over the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision to grant 31 of 39 Small Refinery Exemption (SRE) requests. The demand destruction has caused the value of ethanol to plummet and caused plants to reduce output or shut down completely. The EPA denies waivers and a lack of reallocation of lost gallons has caused irreparable damage to the biofuels industry.

The President has promised a package of relief for the industry. He also tweeted about getting American Ethanol into Brazil under more favorable terms. Senator Grassley says the President is at a critical point in his relationship with the biofuels industry.

Grassley says any deal to help boost biofuels and farmers needs to be on point. Grassley says farmers have stood by the President through trade negotiations but need to see support for their suffering industry. An industry which helps feed and clothe the planet.

The Senator says he has talked with people in the Administration about this situation. Grassley says it is vitally important the EPA follows the law, and reallocation must be upheld in the future of carrying out the Renewable Fuels Standard.

Grassley reiterated while the agriculture and ethanol industries are thankful for the opportunity of year-round E15, the need to get the RFS waivers and reallocation debacle fixed is paramount for the future.