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Senator Grassley losing patience with Pruitt

For the past few weeks Senator Chuck Grassley has been vocalizing his support for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt, when he has spoken with Ag media. His only issue has been the handling of small refinery hardship waivers being granted to billion-dollar refineries.

However on Tuesday morning, Grassley’s tune had changed. When asked if the White House meetings over the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) would change how Pruitt handles the waivers, Grassley sounded less supportive of the EPA Administrator.

Grassley reminded members of the Ag media of then President Trump’s remarks to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association supporting the RFS.

Grassley also said that the liberal use of waivers will completely undermine the gains by having year-round E-15.

Grassley reiterated his loss of patience with Pruitt. Stating that President Trump was elected on an agenda, it’s Pruitt’s job to carry it out.