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Senator Grassley hopeful for year-round E15 soon

It has been a wait and see game for the past few weeks and months with the RFS. It seems Congress does not have any more information on the administration’s intentions than we do.

It was hoped that we would get year-round blends of E15 before the June 1st cutoff. However, it never happened. There are rumors that the White House plans to release a document which is supposed to outline changes to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and could open the door for a year-round sale of E15. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley had these comments.

Grassley also outlines possible changes which could negate the benefits of the year-round sale of E15.

Grassley says that attaching Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS) to ethanol exports is not in line with the intent of the RFS and could be a trade issue.

Grassley says that any damage to the ethanol industry caused by the “collusion between the EPA and big oil” would be hard to fix Congressionally.