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Senator Grassley discusses political environment on trade

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

The political climate in Washington is very touchy. Since the Mueller report on Russia, there have been calls for subpoenas and testimony from House Democrats. Is this going to be an even bigger challenge to get trade deals finalized? Senator Chuck Grassley feels they need to be handled as separate issues because that is what they are.

Senator Grassley was asked what the time table was for moving the United States – Mexico – Canada agreement through Congress. Senator Grassley replied it was out of his hands. The deal was to move first through the House, which means it is up to Speaker Pelosi when it will come up.

What are the chances of this happening now that Washington’s political divide seems even deeper? Grassley hopes Democrats will keep the topics separated. When it comes to trade and disaster relief, he calls them the needs of the people and not politics.

The Senator also gave no set timetable on when a disaster bill agreement could be reached.