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Senator Grassley comments on trade as a whole

So much focus has been on Chinese trade negotiations these past few days, and rightfully so. Since Sunday, the cautious optimism felt by many has turned into “here we go again”. However, there is so much more trade going on than just China. We are still talking with Japan, the European Union, and others.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley talked about the latest developments with Chinese trade negotiations. However, he did also make comments about how trade is going on multiple fronts. He compliments President Trump on working to renegotiate trade deals and even expand markets from where they were.

As Senator Grassley mentioned the European Union is here this week to talk trade. The Senator Says he is looking forward to meeting with the new EU Ambassador to the United States.

A lot of eyes will be on the talks this week between the United States and China. The Senator commends the Administration and the trade team for sticking to their strategy