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Senator Grassley calls EPA officials “intellectually dishonest”

I can guarantee we have all listened to music at some point in our life. I am sure we have all heard a remake of a favorite song by a different artist, otherwise known as a cover. However, the worst cover is being done by the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler, in his remake of former Administrator Scott Pruitt’s classic hit, Small Refinery Waivers.

The EPA is showing no signs of stopping on what could be a whole new round of small refinery waivers. They have also not followed a court order to make up the demand destruction caused to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) from the last round. In fact, it seems Andrew Wheeler is doing everything he promised farmers and ethanol producers he wouldn’t do.

One excuse the EPA seems content in running with is they are following the recommendations of the Energy Department. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley finally went to the source, Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Senator Grassley came back with evidence the Energy Department has made no such recommendations.

Back in May, EPA’s Air Office chief Bill Wehrum denied they are handing out waivers just for the sake of handing them out.

Grassley says the evidence points to the demand destruction caused and EPA’s refusal to make up the lost gallons, in defiance of a court order. Grassley says the EPA is doing the bidding of big oil.

Senator Grassley pledges to keep fighting for the ethanol industry even if he must embarrass them into compliance.