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Senator Ernst urges SCOTUS to rule on key Ag cases

Photo courtesy of The Office of Senator Joni Ernst's

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will decide on which cases they plan to take up. Two of those cases could have an impact on Iowa agriculture. One of them is something that Iowans had no chance to make a decision in. It was another state dictating how Iowans should run their businesses. Prop 12 in California and year-round E15 are up before the highest court in the land, and Senator Joni Ernst is urging the justices to listen to the arguments.

Audio: Full interview with Senator Joni Ernst

Proposition 12 was passed by California voters and dictates the size of pens and the ways farmers across the rest of the country produce animal products, mainly pork. If a product is produced in a facility that doesn’t meet these standards, it cannot be sold or even transported in the state of California. The cost to producers to meet these upgrades is astronomical and could force many small producers and small family farms out of business, all to satisfy the demands of one state.

Senator Ernst is hopeful that the Supreme Court will see that infringement of California’s will on the other 49 states. She is also urging Congress to take up her EATS Act, which would effectively ban these kinds of moves by individual states.

The other case before the Supreme Court is concerning the D.C. Circuit Court’s overturning of the EPA’s decision to allow E15 sales year-round. Senator Ernst talks about the years’ long battle to get the fuel available to customers, only to have oil companies fight it up the court system. It has never been about forcing E15 on consumers, it has been about just offering the option all year long.

If the Supreme Court declines to take up the cases or they would rule against the agriculture industry, Senator Ernst says it would be up to Congress to correct the situation. She says there is enough bipartisan support for year-round E15, but the battle against Prop 12 would be a little tougher.

Again, the Supreme Court will decide whether to hear the cases, today.