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Senator Ernst talks about disaster bill and need for USMCA

Screenshot captured from Senator Joni Ernst's YouTube channel

This past week has had quite a bit of impact on the agriculture industry. Not only did we see the implementation of a year-round E15 rule, but we also saw a disaster bill finally get passed and another round of tariffs from the White House.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst talked about disaster relief and the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA).

First, on the disaster bill, Senator Ernst praised lawmakers in the House of Representatives for moving to get the bill passed. The bill included an amendment which she and Senator Grassley worked on. This would allow the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to cover losses to stored grain. Never had stored grain been included in disaster relief. This spring’s flooding in Iowa and Nebraska saw many bins burst open and spill their grain. The USDA needed to have the specific authority the bill gives them.

Senator Ernst also talked about the need to get USMCA through the Congress. She also shared her concerns over President Trump’s decision to place an additional tariff on Mexico, over their handling of illegal migrants. The President promises to increase the tariff amount by five percent each month. The Senator said the issues on trade and immigration both need to be addressed, but the President needs to keep the issues separate.

The tariffs will go into effect on Monday. Mexico has vowed they will do all they can to avoid these tariffs from being placed on them.