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Senator Ernst says, “devil in the details” for helping biofuels

Screenshot captured from Senator Joni Ernst's YouTube Channel

President Trump recently met with Ag state Senators and other leaders to find a way to support the ethanol industry. On Thursday he met with oil state Senators. This fact could make a biofuels’ supporter’s heart skip a beat. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst talked about her meeting with the President and her concerns about any ethanol deal.

Senator Ernst felt the meeting she had in the Oval Office with other biofuels supporters was constructive. She feels the President has gotten a clear message.

Ernst says she has no misgivings about the President’s intentions to help the biofuel producers, she does have concerns on the follow-through from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ernst says she will need to see any proposals from EPA in writing before she celebrates any kind of a win for the biofuels industry. Ernst says, “The devil is in the details.”

On Thursday, Senators from oil states planned to meet with President Trump. While Senator Ernst feels the President will support American Farmers, her concern is oil’s influence in the EPA. Ernst Says refineries are owned by billionaires, many ethanol plants are run by farmer-owned cooperatives.

Not one single gallon of waived ethanol has been reallocated by the EPA under the Trump administration, even though the Renewable Fuel Standard specifically calls for reallocation. This has been the biggest concern for the industry. While the amount of Small Refinery Exemptions which have been granted is alarming, it is the lack of reallocating those lost gallons which hurts the industry the most.