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Senator Ernst cautiously hopeful on China trade deal

Screenshot captured from Senator Joni Ernst's YouTube Channel

Last week, we saw two partial trade deals get some focus. The partial deal with Japan was signed, and the partial trade pact with China was announced. Both partial agreements had provisions for agricultural trade. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst had some comments on the Chinese deal.

Senator Ernst says she is happy to see positive progress on Chinese trade talks. She is encouraged mostly by the fact negotiators were able to stave off a new round of tariffs that had been planned for this week. The Senator also was pleased to hear about the Chinese plans to purchase more agricultural goods from the U.S.

Earlier this week, the Chinese media confirmed the Chinese and American negotiators were on the same page with this trade progression. In the past, a matter of language barriers led to the collapse of talks. Senator Ernst feels last week’s announcement shows that both sides are ready to get this trade war over with.

Senator Ernst says the fact agriculture was included in both partial agreements with Japan and China, shows the importance of locking down food and fuel security. Ag can be an easier place to start to negotiate more broad trade agreements, but it is also very necessary.

Ernst says, like many, she is cautiously optimistic. She realizes talks have fallen apart in the past, but she has a feeling this partial agreement is a sign that both countries want to talk and have something to build upon.

There are hopes that President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jingping will be able to meet in Chile, next month, to finalize this pact.