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Senate likely to vote on tax bill Thursday

The Senate will vote on their tax bill this week. The House has already passed theirs. To get enough votes, it comes down to just a few senators once again.

Congress has not been able to pass any major legislation this year, but Republicans hope tax reform will be an early Christmas gift. Senator Chuck Grassley says regarding the Senate version, it boils down to a couple senators saying yes.

“(Some) are disappointed that the Senate and House bill didn’t go far enough to equalize the tax on small business versus the tax on corporations. I think that is the stumbling block we have to deal with right now,” Grassley says.

He says they’re still working on two senators. Senator Steve Daines of Montana and Ron Johnson of Minnesota. Both are Republicans.

“I still haven’t heard from (Susan) Collins yet. Yesterday, we had Corker say he wanted to get to yes. We had (Rand) Paul say he was yes and last (week) Murkowski indicated she would be for it,” Grassley says.

That would get them to 49 votes.

“It’s still not 50 but I think Ron Johnson and Daines are a real stumbling block over the small business thing. They know they necessity to get a bill passed. I don’t know what it is going to take to satisfy them but that is something that has to be done,” Grassley says.

Grassley adds after the repeal vote on Obamacare failing, he says they better not screw up on tax reform. The Senate is scheduled to vote on their tax reform bill Thursday. If it passes, it will go to a conference between both chambers before a final vote.