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Senate did not let Iowa benefit from disaster bill

Flooding west of Avoca, Iowa. Photo Courtesy of Mandy Billings, with KSOM News.

On Monday, the United States Senate was not able to pass a $13.45 billion-dollar disaster relief bill, which would have allowed states affected by the recent Midwestern flooding to get assistance. Both Iowa Senators voted for the bill but saw it defeated in a move by

The first question on Iowan’s minds is, “What happened?” Senator Ernst says Senate Democrats decided to “play politics.”

Ernst said opponents were wanting more funding for Puerto Rico than was allocated in this bill and what they have already received.

Ernst said many of her colleagues who voted against helping Iowans are the same people campaigning in Iowa and asking for votes.

Ernst said this isn’t over. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) filed a reconsideration motion which allows him to recall the bill at any time.